2014 Crystal Achievement Awards – Unique Innovation

DuraFinish Unique Innovation
By GlassCraft Door Company

The Challenge: “Our goal was to create a finishing process for fiberglass doors that would produce very low VOCs, be water- instead of solvent-based, create an employee-friendly workspace with no fumes, provide a superior product in terms of ‘weatherability’ and look good enough to fool a woodpecker,” says John Plummer, president, Glasscraft Door Co., www.gcdoor.com. The challenges were made even greater since “there was no process and no machinery that existed” to help the production team meet this goal.

The Winning Solution: After 20 months of research and testing, GlassCraft’s product development team created DuraFinish, a finishing process for fiberglass doors that re-duced VOC emissions by 75 percent and eliminated HAP emissions by 100 percent in the production process; replaced gel-stain with a newly formulated water-based process; improved air quality in the workspace by eliminating exposure to harmful chemical compounds, fumes and off-gassing; increased production rates and efficiencies by using GlassCraft’s patented robotic spray process and continuous production line layout; and produced a superior product in terms of “weatherability” and wood-grain appearance, according to the manufacturer.

The DuraFinish process has been awarded the 2014 Texas Environ-mental Excellence Award by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, making it one of only five companies—including Raytheon and Pioneer Natural Resources—in the state to receive this award. GlassCraft has also recently received the 2014 National Manufacturing Leadership Award for Sustainability, along with BMW and Lockheed Martin, for this DuraFinish technology.


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