Community Outreach



GlassCraft is committed to being a responsible member of Houston’s business community while making a difference in various underprivileged communities. By partnering with trusted trade organization and community leaders, GlassCraft has provided materials, products, time and funding for many worthy charities and projects.

  • Greater Houston Builder Association

    GlassCraft is a proud member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, or GHBA. This trade organization is the voice of Houston’s residential construction industry, serving members and the community by education and advocating professionalism and quality housing.

  • Benefit Homes Project

    For several years, GlassCraft has worked with the GHBA Benefit Homes Project to provide funding and support to help various charities including research, care and support for Alzheimer's and Cancer.

  • Home Aid Houston

    GlassCraft is proud to work with GHBA and its members in building homeless care facilities, veteran and children housing support in the Houston metropolitan area. Projects have served 19,662 people since its inception in 2003 and about 3,744 people annually.