• 1977


    GlassCraft founded as specialty glass retail store

  • 1979

    Opens Wholesale Division

    Specialty Glass wholesale division opens in 4000 square foot warehouse

  • 1981

    Creates Glass Door Panels

    Company starts designing and importing assembled glass panels for doors

  • 1982

    Goes National

    GlassCraft begins sales to large national door manufacturers

  • 1984

    Buys New Facility

    GlassCraft purchases 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility

  • 1985

    Aquires Door Manufacturing Facility

    Acquisition of stile and rail door manufacturing facility

  • 1986

    Builds for Beveled Glass

    Builds beveled glass manufacturing facility

  • 1994

    Upgrades Manufacturing Facility

    GlassCraft purchases current Brittmoore Facility - 85,000 square feet

  • 1997

    Expands Manufacturing

    35,000 square foot expansion

  • 2001

    Introduces Iron Grille

    GlassCraft introduces unique external iron grille product line

  • 2003

    Introduces Steel & Iron Doors

    GlassCraft adds Buffalo Forge Steel & Iron Doors

  • 2005

    Introduces New Doors & Expands

    65,000 sq. foot added, adds Estancia Knotty Alder Doors

  • 2006

    Introduces New Finishing Product Line

    GlassCraft installs new wood door finishing production line

  • 2010

    Adds Fiberglass Doors

    GlassCraft adds Fiberglass doors, expands capacity and production capabilities

  • 2011

    Expands Products, Awarded Patents

    Expansion of Fiberglass Door product line, patented GBG Grilles, patented iron grilles on fiberglass doors… 3 patents awarded

  • 2013-2015

    Awarded More Patents

    12 more patents on unique products: plug-less frames, distressed fiberglass, BioFoam, fiberglass door assembly. Total of 18 patents awarded.

  • 2016

    Adds ThermaPlus Product Line

    GlassCraft adds ThermaPlus Composite Steel Door product line

  • 2017

    GlassCraft Turns 40 Years Old

  • 2018

    2 More additional US Patents

    GlassCraft receives 2 additional US Patents for door inventions, bringing the total to 20 patents

  • 2019

    GlassCraft expands

    By adding 25,000 square foot factory for the manufacture of Buffalo Forge product line

  • 2021

    Warehouse Expansion

    Adding 50,000 square foot warehouse expansion