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GlassCraft Door Company offers essential thermal break with its 18 gauge premium steel product line, ThermaPlus. Thermal break may not be a familiar term, but it is a crucial one for the home. Thermal break prevents the transfer of heat or cold from the greatest source to the least which is essential in areas with extreme hot summers and cold winters. During the summer, the steel door can transfer the burning heat from outside to the doors and interiors, requiring more energy to cool down the house. During the coldest months, steel doors without thermal break transfer the outdoors’ freezing temparature to the interior of the house, even causing doors to ice. In both situations, thermal break is required to maintain a comfortable level of temperate without requiring too much energy. With GlassCraft’s ThermaPlus exterior doors, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a thermally broken product to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home more efficiently. Winner of of the 2017 Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Door, ThermaPlus is a groundbreaking steel door product that offers thermal break and energy efficiency as standard features. All ThermaPlus steel entry doors prevent heat and cold transfer from the exterior or interior with its innovative door construction, area lso field-trimmable for easy installation and costs 40% less than other premium steel doors. ThermaPlus utilizes an 18 gauge steel which is 270% thicker than the usual 24 or 26 gauge steel doors. ThermaPlus doors also feature reinforced composite edges that are resistant to rotting and moisture. Now available in Arch Lite double door styles and a wide range of designs in Continental, SDL, GBG (grille-between-glass), and Decorative glass options. There are also more Wrought Iron and Contemporary designs to choose from. ThermaPlus doors are also windstorm approved with +80.20/-80.20 DP ratings.

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About GlassCraft Door Company:
GlassCraft Door Company® is an award winning manufacturer of wood, composite and steel entry doors for the residential building market. Founded in 1977 based on strong principles of quality, craftsmanship and service, GlassCraft has since grown into one of the country’s Top Door Manufacturers with 198,000 sq. ft facility and nationwide distribution. GlassCraft has received multiple patents for its unique innovation, including its DuraFinish™ fiberglass finishing system and Artisan Collection® of premium composite entry doors with the most realistic wood grains and color finishes. GlassCraft has also earned honors for Most Unique Innovation, Most Unique Door, Most Unique Door Component, and Most Sustainable Innovation. GlassCraft offers the following product lines: WoodCraft mahogany & knotty alder entry doors, FiberCraft composite entry doors, Buffalo Forge Steel Classic and ThermaPlus enty doors, and the BarnCraft rolling doors and hardware. Visit for details.

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