Buffalo Forge Steel & ThermaPlus Doors

Buffalo Forge Classic Steel

Buffalo Forge Classic Steel doors feature beautiful hand-forged steel doors in three distinctive design series. The Narrow Profile TDL doors offer a sleek and contemporary appearance, and feature real true divided lited design and construction. The Wide Profile TDL doors offer a unique and modern look of simplicity and style. The WI- Series of Wrought Iron grille and steel doors feature operable glass panels that are easy to clean, energy efficient and engineered to provide protection for your home.

ThermaPlus STEEL (w/ Thermal Break)

Buffalo Forge Steel ThermaPlus doors combine the benefits of Steel and Composite into one innovative door product. ThermaPlus composite doors are thermally broken and can be field-trimmed for an exact fit. These doors are available in a wide range of designs: Wrought Iron, SDL, Continental, Contemporary, Solid Panel with Speakeasy, GBG, and Decorative Glass. Solid 2 Panel with many decorative options including speakeasies, straps and clavos; Contemporary with clean minimalist look; and Wrought Iron with elegant European-inspired grille designs.


  • Strong and secure with 16 gauge dent-resistant steel
  • Ready to Install System
  • Factory installed 100% composite adjustable threshold
  • Windstorm Rated WI-Series
  • Pre-Assembled and tested unit
  • In-stock for a short lead time


  • Thermally broken to prevent heat and cold transfer from exterior to interior. Great for areas with extreme temperatures.
  • Excellent Price / Great Value – Half the price of premium steel doors
  • Field-trimmable for an exact fit
  • Strong and Secure with 18 gauge dent-resistant and kick-proof steel
  • In-stock for short lead time
  • Uses standard one-point or multi-point handle sets
  • Available pre-hung with ready-to-install system, or as door-only slab that can fit into existing frames
  • 100% composite adjustable threshold


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