Speakeasies, Straps & Clavos


These premium iron speakeasies make the perfect addition to any one of our plank or two panel doors. Each wrought iron grille has been hand-forged by artisans. Choose from a wood-only option or a complete speakeasy kit with one of six glass textures and five grille designs that can provide your preferred level of privacy. Speakeasies are also available for our premium fiberglass product line.





Impact Florentine


Decorative Straps

Our heavy-duty hand-forged wrought iron straps and hinge straps are made using traditional blacksmith techniques. The straps are hammered by hand to give each one a unique handmade texture. Straps and hinge straps are fixed to the door using traditional hand hammered iron clavos. Straps are Antique Black in color, and may be mounted on the interior, exterior or both faces of a door.

6″ Arched L Strap

6″ Arched L Strap

12″ Florentine T Strap

12″ Madrid T Strap

6″ Florentine L Strap

6″ Madrid L Strap

28″ Williamsburg Hinge Strap

28″ Canterbury Hinge Strap

28″ Madrid Hinge Strap

28″ Florentine Hinge Stap

Decorative Clavos

Our collection of traditional rustic, hand-forged wrought iron clavos offers many options to complement your GlassCraft entry door. Each design has been made to reproduce the historic character and feel of many design styles from medieval through to modern southwest. Clavos may be mounted on the interior, exterior or both faces of any door. Each of our clavos is available with Antique Black, Antique Bronze or Antique Pewter distressed iron finish.”

1 1/2″ Square

1 1/8″ Square

1 1/2″ Round

1 1/8″ Round

1 1/2″ Round

1 1/2″ Square

1 1/2″ Square

1 1/2″ Flower

2″ Star

1 3/4″ Triangle