Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Our 2017 Freight Program allows customers to calculate their exact delivered cost on most products.  This freight program supersedes any previous freight program.  GlassCraft may pay for some or all of the freight costs, depending upon the value of the order and the location of the customer.  GlassCraft does not charge for pallets or crating for standard-sized doors or entryways.  (Very large custom entryways may have a crating fee added to the order).  Please note that these charges may change at any time without prior notice due to unforeseen changes in fuel and freight costs.

To determine your exact delivered costs, calculate the total number of order “units” contained on your order to be shipped at one time.  (Please refer to the definition of a “unit” below).  Next, determine your location “zone” by referring to the chart above.  Use the “Freight Costs” chart below to determine your exact delivered freight cost.  Customers may send multiple Purchase Orders to increase their “unit” total, but they must be faxed or emailed together at one time, and these purchase orders will be combined on one GlassCraft shipment and invoice.  Shipments will be packaged as efficiently as possible and shipped on the carrier of GlassCraft’s choice.

A “unit” is an individual door, or sidelite, or transom.  A unit is also a jamb kit, or a pre-hung entry frame.  Lastly, a unit is any combination of components, glass panels, wrought iron grilles, etc. that totals $500 or less (net price, after any discount).  As an example, an order for 3 slab doors, 2 sidelites, and $550 in loose jamb legs (2 units) would equal 7 units.  Or a pre-hung unit consisting of 1 door, 2 sidelites, 1 transom plus the 1 pre-hang frame would equal 5 units.

For example, if your order includes 3 slab doors, 2 sidelites and $450 of jamb legs to Orlando (zone 4), then your total freight costs would be $360 (6 total “units”: $210 for the first unit, plus 5 units @ $30 each or $150).

Another example: If your order includes 8 slab doors plus one K-D pre-hung unit that consists of 1 door, 2 sidelites, and a transom to ship to Nashville (zone 3), then your total freight costs would be $540 : the first unit @ $180, plus 12 units @ $30 ea. or $360 (7 slab doors plus 5 units in the pre-hung entry).

One final example: If your order is for 24 doors, and you are located in Columbus (zone 4), the the order would be shipped freight-free…no freight charges.

Pre-hung doors and entryways are completely assembled, and are shipped unassembled or assembled at the customer’s choice.  If you want your pre-hung entry shipped assembled, an extra charge will be added to your order if you order less than 12 assembled pre-hung “units”. This extra charge applies to all shipments, including Freight Paid shipments. Pre-hung entryways that are NOT shipped assembled will be knocked-down, boxed, and will be ready for re-assembly. Example: a fully assembled pre-hung double door entryway will count as 3 shipping units. (2 doors + 1 frame).  If shipped to a zone 5 customer, a charge of $105 ($35 x 3 units) will be added, regardless of the total number of shipping units on the individual shipment. (Unassembled “KD” pre-hung units are shipped at no additional charge).

All shipments are available for “will call” shipment at our factory.  In addition, shipments, at the direction of the customer, may be shipped “Freight Collect” for freight payment by the customer. A Crating and Pallet charge may apply to these freight collect or will-call shipments of $50 per crate for slab doors and components (#CRATEDR), and $60 per crate for each pre-hung unit (#CRATEPH).

* As stated above, this extra charge is waived for shipments of 12 assembled pre-hung “units” or more, shipped at one time to one customer.  Buffalo Forge Classic Series Iron doors are ONLY shipped assembled.