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Wood doors provide an excellent choice for your new home. Our wood doors use authentic stile and rail construction for an architecturally correct appearance. Premium options at an affordable price, craftsmanship, durability and affordability. Most have raised molding around the panels. Wood doors can be stained to enhance their natural beauty, or they may be painted any color. Standard sizes for wood doors are 2’-6”, 2’-8”, 3’-0”, and 3’-6” wide by 6’-8” and 8’-0” tall. Wood doors – unfinished or factory finished – have a 1-year warranty.

Wood Doors and Fiberglass doors cost about the same… it depends upon the door design.




Fiberglass doors offer the most authentic wood grains that look and feel like real wood, enhanced with beautiful stains that mimic the richness of wood’s natural colors. Superior wood-like appearance, sustainable and environmentally friendly finishing process and BioFoam™ core, durable construction including impact options, and patented designs. Standard sizes for fiberglass doors are 2’8”, 3’-0”, and 3’-6” wide by 6’-8” and 8’-0” tall. Our fiberglass doors offer a 5-year or a lifetime warranty on the door (depending on the door series), and a 5-year finish warranty when factory finished.

Wood Doors and Fiberglass doors cost about the same… it depends upon the door design.

Although wood doors are quite durable, they are not the most energy-efficient door. Our wood doors utilize timber from sustainable forests to ensure environmental protection. These doors will bio-degrade completely and can be ground up. They do not use any petrochemicals (other than a small amount of glue).


Fiberglass doors are more energy-efficient than wood doors… generally several times more efficient. Our doors use top and/ or bottom rails that are made from 100% recycled material, and the door cores are biofoam. But these doors cannot be recycled, and they will not break down in a landfill, as the door skins are a rigid polyester.

Wood doors offer more design options than fiberglass doors, plus more choices with sidelights (next to the door) and transoms (over the door). Wood doors also offer TDL True-Divided-Lite door options (each piece of glass in a 6-Lite TDL door for example is a different piece of glass). This is not offered in Fiberglass doors.


Our fiberglass doors offer a wide variety of unique designs when compared to other fiberglass door offerings. In addition, many FiberCraft doors are available with smooth door skins (no wood grain) which may be a benefit if you want a modern door design.

Wood doors require maintenance and may need to be refinished fairly frequently… possibly annually to retain their beauty and avoid issues caused by moisture. But they may be able to last for 10 years without refinishing… it all depends upon weather exposure… the amount of sun, heat, rain and snow to which your wood door will be exposed to.

When properly cared for, a wood door can last for many, many years.


Fiberglass doors require very little maintenance and do not require a roof overhang over the door. The doors are rot and insect resistant. They avoid issues caused by moisture. But with a hard impact, the door skin can crack.

Generally, a fiberglass door will last for many, many years.

The GlassCraft Difference
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, GlassCraft Door Company® is an award-winning manufacturer of wood, composite and steel entry doors for the residential building market. Founded in 1977 based on strong principles of quality, craftsmanship and service, GlassCraft continues to build a strong brand known not only for its innovation, but its value and wide selection of door products and options.

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    Having been in the door manufacturing business for almost 40 years, I can assure that GlassCraft makes and provides the finest doors in the USA. Hands down.

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